2016 IMAKATSU New products


Mr. Katsutaka Imae talked about IMAKATSU new products in 2016 at 2016 Fishing Show.
Almost of these lures are still under development. But IMAKATSU is trying to release them within this year.


This jerkbait is developed for mainly bank fishing.
GEKIASA means “super shallow”, and it dives in 2.3 feet only.
It is very high float type and get float quick with heading up.
And its action is tight rolling with flashing.
So, you can make an action like a shad just under water.
In addition, the weight balance is put at tail side. It helps you make a long cast.
Straight retrieve is effective, especially spawning season of a shad.


IMAKATSU is developing smaller size GillRoid.
The body is designed in smaller, but the boot tail is the same size as original one.
This is the key point.
Basically swimbait (big bait) must be big because of its presence and fish attracting effect.
IMAKATSU makes GillRoid smaller than original, which idea retrogresses against the method.
But, the same boot tail as original is adopted to the smaller GillRoid.
The boot tail has big power to move water and fish attracting effect.
GillRoid Jr has small body for easy bite with powerful tail for appeal.

  1. Ankle Goby 4” Shad Tail

This is very easy bait to fish.
At the hard situation, if you want to fish one, this is the bait.
Gamakatsu 3/0 is the best hook. 2/0 is also good.


See this     http://imakatsu-lures.com/archives/866/

  1. Aventa Crawler RS

As you can see, Aventa Crawler RS first characteristic is that wings are installed backward.
And this is made of paulownia wood which is high buoyancy.
With the wings system and its high buoyancy, Aventa Crawler RS stays at the same point and move right-left like you do with soft plastic bait.
You can use it by shaking at pin point like rolling on the water.

  1. Carp type swimbait

This is a swimbait shaped in carp with strong tail.
Still under development.


This is a super big chatter bait as never before.
This bait has flat big rubbers, and hook have been specially developed.
At the same time, trailer bait has been also developed.