SG+ Bigroid 210

Length:21cm Weight:3.5oz class

From intense cold and low water temperature season to high season, this is the best weapon to catch big fish.

big_roid_a002New mechanism installed Big Bait
What we aim on this product is exquisite size for big Bass.
As our field research, we conclude that this is the max size that Bass attack without hesitation.
SG+ Bigroid attracts big Bass by the real fishlike action with exquisite size.

Original developed detachable “I-damper” is adopted on SG+ Bigroid 210.

Without “I-damper” —– Very big S-swimming action and big slide-dart
With “I-damper” ——— I-swimming action. No action dead slow retrieve

SG+ Bigroid has special hook system called “Back hook system”
This system is to install hook on back instead of belly.
Back hook system is very effective for shallow fishing, sight fishing, bottom stay, etc.

You can use SG+ Bigroid at any situation and season by S-swimming action, I-swimming action and Back hook system.
You can manipulate SG+ Bigroid as you want.

big_roid_a004 big_roid_a005Joint shock damper (PAT.P)
Damper is equipped at the bottom of jointed part. The damper is detachable by join-pin. And you can change to other pin in hardness. So, you can make any actions in I-swimming or S-swimming.
big_roid_a006It Keeps swimming range
by receiving water pressure
at head.

big_roid_a007There is slit at back for setting hook. A hook is pushed into the slit and fixed. At that time, please use rubber tube on single hook to fix in slit. Also you can set floater material or sinker in the slit to adjust floating power.

big_roid_a008Tail is also detachable. We recommend to remove
when you put it into tackle box. Insert direction is shownby arrow.



Color Chart
SG Plus Bigroid 210 #12 AYU
#12 AYU
SG Plus Bigroid 210 #37 Alumina HASU
#37 Alumina HASU
SG Plus Bigroid 210 #190 KASUMI Magic
#190 KASUMI Magic
SG Plus Bigroid 210 #314 Scale Trout
#314 Scale Trout
SG Plus Bigroid 210 #315 YOUROU AYU
SG Plus Bigroid 210  #367Ghost Chart AYU
#367Ghost Chart AYU
SG Plus Bigroid 210 #375 Muddy Crystal Chart
#375 Muddy Crystal Chart
SG Plus Bigroid 210 #390 Hiviz' Rainbow Trout
#390 Hiviz’ Rainbow Trout
SG Plus Bigroid 210 #403 Muddy Crystal Pink
#403 Muddy Crystal Pink
* We’re extra careful to deliver our products in its effective setups as IMAKATSU Brand. However, if retrieving is not in straight,
please tune up the eye positions of your lure.
* Do not hit your lure on the ground or any to take out some of the weeds or other remains from the fields
when you might damage or give serious crack on the lure.
* To avoid any deformation, please refrain storing you’re fishing lures from other soft plastic lures.

Please be extra careful in sharp hook or items within this product.
Please refrain from keeping the lure from children.
Do not use the lure for any other purpose or use.
Please be careful while you’re using the lure.
Please do not pull your rod if your lure is hooked to any object.