The seacret of STEALTH SWIMMER


The greatest features of STEALTH SWIMMER is its Hook System.

Whole hook is stored in the body at swimming and can not be seen from fish.
全体 切り抜き
Its appearance without hook does not give cautions to fish.
But, once fish bite, hook pops up from the body.
フック飛び出し 切り抜きバイト 切り抜き
The hook included in special part is positioned by magnet. (PAT. & PAT.P)
So, the hook does not come up at swimming easily even in hard covers.
You will be amazed to see its smooth movement with dodging the structure.
It won’t often snag with reeds, rocks, stamps, lay downs, metal structure and ropes that you hesitated to use previous swimbaits.
That’s why you can use it without the stress of snagging.
マグネット 切り抜き フック仕組み説明 切り抜き

STEALTH SWIMMER has just completed and been going to production now.
Please wait a while until the product is released in USA.