KIRIKAZE dives 2.5m and DEEP model dives 4m.
Long bill minnow’s weakest point is a difficulty in casting in headwind.

But you will not feel it when you use this lure, because it has characteristic long and stable cast ability.
You can cast it just parallel to a rock wall in reservoir.

KIRIKAZE works very well as a fast moving lure like crank bait through the year.
But cranking minnow is usually more effective than crank bait in “stop and go” and “bump and pose” motion.
Especially, “fast cranking” is very effective.

Its slim body doesn’t have much water resistance, so it’s better to crank it a little faster than normal deep crank bait.
And it’s good to make a pose when it contact or pass through a structure while cranking.

KIRIKAZE with first retrieving technique is also effective for BIG FEMALE BASS at Pre-Spawn season.
Especially windy day, it works well.


KIRIKAZE Kicker Eater II