Catching big Bass in Spring season


Fishing in Spring time at man-made lake,
At that time, there are fishes in a variety of situations like a pre-spawn, mid-spawning and after-spawning…
Katsutaka Imae chose KIRIKAZE Kicker Eater II (Long bill minnow) for these bass.

KIRIKAZE Kicker Eater II can crash dive and keep long productive zone which is important in man-made lake.
And even under a strong window, KIRIKAZE Kicker Eater II can be casted in straight line, not curved.
So, it is possible to make accurate cast.

Imae makes KIRIKAZE Kicker Eater II contacted rocks at bottom and make reeling first.
This first reeling technique is the key point. (staring at 3:15)
Because of body balance and weight positioned, KIRIKAZE Kicker Eater II recovers very quick after hitting rocks. It is important ability of a bait for this style of fishing.

Imae also caught big one by STEALTH SWIMMER !

Enjoy the movie !!